Seth Smith
Eric Even Haim
Co-Founder & CEO

After years of entrepreneurship, and growing an eCommerce business to 7 figures, Eric became slightly obsessed with Shopify apps as a way to optimise his store and increase revenue.

This obsession led him to decide to get into SaaS and app building, as a way to help other merchants solve problems in places that he found the ecosystem lacking.

Eric is a marketer and growth hacker at heart, and loves finding unconventional ways to grow the product and company- just for the challenge.

Seth Smith
Ruth Even Haim

Ruth spent years in the high-tech industry as an IT project manager, and tried very hard to enjoy her job. After seeing her brother succeeding in eCommerce, she was inspired to make a career change and try her luck in the field.

After managing 2 niche Shopify stores and learning the platform, she decided to combine her experience with product management and eCommerce into app development for Shopify.

Ruth is extremely passionate about improving customer experience in every part of the product, and has a not-so-secret love of content creation and marketing.

Our Mission

Our main focus with is helping others find the same opportunities with growing their revenue and connecting with customers in an even more personal way than ever before with multi-channel marketing.

By giving online stores an organic way to develop large followings, reduce cart abandonment, and have a more personal connection with their customers.

Much like every message helps build a better bridge between you and your customers.

To us, it’s personal.

Our Values
Who Are We?

Well, our company- StilyoApps, is a family SaaS business, specialising in eCommerce.

We have over 5 Shopify apps and SaaS products aimed at giving online businesses the tools they can use to leverage the best technologies to grow their business and connect with their customers.

The drive to build a service that we wanted got us started. Now, the goal of sharing it with the world pushes to continue improving, building, and helping.

Offering SMS, Email & Push Notifications To Grow Sales